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                                                              in a

                                the snow
                it just keeps on coming down
                                as I just
                sit here, before I sat here and under a wide
                                grey sky
                as far as can be seen

                                millions of specks
                mostly uniformly slanted down to the left together
                     some twirling but still left
                          some bigger but still left
                               some wafting off the edge of rooftops
                                    like steam but still left
                                         some lose speed lose direction
                                              some drift to the right some float
                                                   up a while
                                                        but not for long

                                                             all the while
                                still on the ground
                                silent on the ground
                                the parked cars lose
                                their colour and shape
                                and have given up their
                                proud dreams of
                                getting and being

                                              and all the while too
a seagull circles
                                                                                              and looks

                                              about and

                                out of                                view

                                                                                 no trace





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