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I am sorry everyone, things are going into a bit of a meltdown for me these past few days.   I think I need to take a break from posting and reading for awhile.   Get some perspective.   Remember how to breathe.   Á bientôt.




                                                                      “… I
                                                              am Spartacus”

                when mark redford spoke
                                everyone listened to their own plans
                when mark redford offered
                                everyone wanted something else
                when mark redford calculated
                                everyone assumed they had the answer anyway
                when mark redford went quiet
                                everyone carried on ignoring him

                mark redford steps on solid clumps of ground
                                floating in space crumbling at the edges
                                exposing the roots
                under                 and within
                                a shifting greymauvesky
                                with liquid bands of oliveochre merging

                mark redford is lost presumed missing
                                I am not mark redford
                                long live Mark Redford




… and if you’d pruriently like to see what it looks like for a teacher to be riddled then dissolved through the sheer and only power of ignorance, have a look at the jaunty little site of http://ghostteachers.wordpress.com/


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