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                                              dream 100213

                                   it’s time
     to convene to assemble
                     to jostle and rank the rows and columns
                                   of eternal hierarchy

     gather the children
                     wandering and playing about in an
                                   underground car park

     that’s not the way Elder
                     pushing the baby along the slushy ground
                                   it cannot walk you have to

                                   pick the baby up
     hold its eyes with a smile
                     of fresh-morning greeting then hold its back and head
                                   with palms and fingers

     gathered close folding it within your gaze
                     I will carry you little child, the Elder has gone
                                   somewhere else now

                                   I have
     loved you but you are not mine
                     so I will set you down to the front of the gathering
                                   for your rightful parents

                                   we wait
     you look around and wriggle
                     while members comment wisely on your cognitive
                                   and motor development

     the event doesn’t happen
                     so we take up partners to dance to the background music
                                   waltzing round and round




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