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                                          Plumstead Road:
                                          perched on a wall

            it’s when I wander off

            looking for the angle
                      that will see me straight
            looking for the time
                      that will connect me to my
            looking for the change
                      that shows how things
                      are still the same
            looking for the step-aside and crossing
                      that will vindicate my notice

            that I’ll have missed
                      the miles and miles
                      I have walked

            not to mention the street tree here
                      square in its own plot of land
                      before shoals of roaming car
                                its trimmed branches reaching
                                from its sturdy trunk
                                          variously into the sky





being wormhole: months
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Plumstead wormhole: bench / corner of Cantwell Road / and Eglinton Hill
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