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                           spinning around 25 000 miles gives me all
                                          the nights and days
                                                   of my every breath

                                                   ‘set the controls
                           for the heart of the sun’

                50 000 000 miles closer
                           I would be lost in a radiation
                                          of day to day stumbling and lurching

                                          92 000 000 miles
                           I would take my place
                                          in the great auditorium
                           watch thousand-mile arcs
                hear planet-deep burps
                                          and smell the timpani farts deep within my lungs
                                                   as I melt with the audience
                                                              of a lifetime’s thousand selves

                           at the centre
                           there will be the silence
                                          of wide-open potential
                                                   sufficient to light a world





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