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                     from sleep
                                   dream about to fight someone
                                                   poke my fingers in his eyes
                                   couldn’t control a class
                     even when angry
                                   from looking for meaning
                                                              when writing
     drove 150 miles
                                                   nothing magical
                     no gorges of grey cloud
                                   to brace my fresh and steely view
                     sunny day
                                   people stupid
                     all acting lost to their wondrous nature
                                                   I, tired
                     and lost to my wondrous nature through judgement
                                                   stupid stupid stupid


                                                      ~ ^o^ ~


                                                              the Batman
                                                   is on a mission and a vow
                     absorbed and meticulous
                                   in every activity
                                                   the vow to strike fear
                     the mission to make justice
                                   even if he has to do it himself
     all without knowing his wondrous nature
                                                   at all
                     which cause his shadows and nemeses
                                                              to arise
                                   manifest and garish
                                                   askance and twilight-mirrored across town
                     the Joker – his freedom and adjustment
                                   denied and let wild
                                                   the Riddler – his doubt and guilt
                                   refused and shot with worm
     the Penguin – his child and hurt
                                                   abused and reviled by hope
                     the Catwoman – his love and beauty
                                                                      un-held and awkward to speak

                                   he climbs the outside of buildings
                                                              stupid stupid stupid





Batman wormhole: umbrella duel
buildings wormhole: the end
clouds wormhole: sunny morning
distraction wormhole: session
grey wormhole: “I / am Spartacus”
identity wormhole: zazen
mirror wormhole: ‘small town busy …’
people wormhole: strangers
Riddler wormhole: ‘I am the Riddler …’
sleep wormhole: ‘the smell of gloss paint …’
sun wormhole: ‘set the controls / for the heart of the sun’
teaching wormhole: … someone’s back
travelling wormhole: travelling is fresh
writing wormhole: muse