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                      when I sit I am the posture

                                              at ma
                                              ny di
                                       hands  s
                            crossed           legs

                                breathing in
                                          and out
                                          in and breathing out breathing
                      in and out

          then touching the turning petrol thoughts
                                          gentle as the outdoors
                                and watching them spray
                                                   into a thousand different scents
                                                              there to flower my
                                                                      wide open self
                                          breathing in
                                                   breathing out

                                          the true sitting
                                the muscular sitting happens
                                                   when walking about
                                          where the noxious acrid sirens
                      are cunningly disguised
                                as slogans and corridors in institutions
                                          seducing me with
                                                   shifting melding colour
                                to prove that I am a someone

                                          who has forgotten to breathe in
                                                   and breathe out     it is

                                at those times when I should
                                          breathe in and
                                                   breathe out
                                          with abdomen and step
                                                                      wide as a valley
                      slight as a smile





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