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                                                                      ‘I wanted to write a poem’

          I just want to find a poem
                                                   want to have written a poem
                                                                      touch in
                      like the weathered strike of a wind-chime
                                   a poem already-found
                      contrasted to the usual commentary
                                                   sufficient only
                                   to be reported
                      as is

          I work through my tragedies and impasse
                                                   like all good poets should
                      and when I have to stretch and yawn
                                   will find
                                                   if I’m observant
                                   a ready-grown organic
                      in some need of pruning maybe
                                   but sufficient only
                                                   to open

          I read through them
                                   I read through them all
                      like all good poets should
                                                   participating in that to which they point
                      through relinquishing all view in order
                                   to see what is observed
                      and through suspending belief-enough
                                   to breathe





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