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                                when I do
                just for myself
                                I audition myself straight into the part
                                              of Mark Redford – Tragedian
                                for a limited performance only
                tickets unavailable venue tbc
                                creaks once echoes up among the gantries
                                the empty seats up
                the audience packed standing room only
                                              tough crowd
                without so much as a slight or an ignorance
                                              draw the curtains


                                when I just do
                unspectacular to behold
                                              things just happen by themselves
                                                              I am just there
                                              doing nothing
                where I become the liquid engineering
                                              that makes your engine
                                run smoothly




alone wormhole: and of course
being wormhole: ‘I wanted to write a poem’
doing & identity wormhole: the discovery of / leaving no trace
others wormhole: my life / of others
recognition wormhole: wrong
superhero wormhole: the writing’s / on the wall
zazen wormhole: when I sit I am the posture