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                                              thirty years later
                                     thirty years later!

                                     with the same girl
                           laying on the bed in the Travelodge
                           bare feet crossed a big toe stroking
                           her mad red tie-across dress rucked up
                           a little over her smooth legs
                           reading a Kathy Reichs comfortingly
                           scurfing her head let nobly
                           and handsomely grey now
                           a cup of tea too hot yet
                                     to drink

                           with the constant wet rnnncsh
                           of car tyres through the
                           Southgates Underpass through the
                           open window before hand-painted

                                 F I R E P L A C E S
                           ANTIQUE & REPRODUCTION

                               room 117                  8:51 pm





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