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not heard
when Dad left not heard
when friends talked about stuff not heard
when I wrote my thoughts not heard
when I argued an essay not heard
when I floated a ‘why not’ not heard
when I constructed markbook not heard
when I integrated AfL not heard
whenever I reach

and yet

cared for when Dad left
valued for my constancy
referred to for my phrasing
recognised for my approach
relied on for my accommodation
trusted for the field I fence
respected for the freedom I release
loved whenever I just am

don’t strive to be heard but trust
in covert being





acceptance & talking to myself wormhole: the discovery of / leaving no trace
assessment for learning wormhole: the ghost with open wound
being wormhole: possible
divorce wormhole: the spectre
identity wormhole: have got // can do
love wormhole: Leicester
markbook wormhole: the Mark Redford problem
striving wormhole: walking
writing wormhole: poets do neither report nor / walk around enrapt in transport but / ’tis when in writing their worlds are wrought