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                           deep into the thinnest pages
                           soft as clean-cut sheets opened
                           either side stepped gently to
                           easy at-ten-tion typeface slightly
                           Edwardian-fine disciplined and
                           careers-old always supported by
                           slightly rubbled covers maybe
                           green maybe blue maybe
                           brown and embossed title
                           and publisher’s crest

                           tireless examples of grammar
                           with locating particularities which
                           only knit into a texture of
                           communication when gazing out
                           through the window at the
                           oaks and elms of Greenwich Park
                           and the deep grey skies over London





blue sky wormhole: morning
books wormhole: OK
brown wormhole: celebrate
emergence wormhole: 1976
gold wormhole: grey air
green wormhole: man of tomorrow
grey wormhole: Leicester
history wormhole: brave new world?
lifetimes & time wormhole: possible
London wormhole: mlewis diptych
oak wormhole: Eglinton Hill
Roan school wormhole: dream / career / 040712
sky wormhole: A206 / Plumstead Road: / perched on a wall