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                                                              dropped ‘till you’ve shopped

                                              I don’t want
                            but …                                    to walk
                   anyway?’                                            around town
       all this money                                                    wondering why
       have you got                                                        I am looking
           then why                                                            wondering what
         going ‘but                                                            it actually is
      to keep it all                                                            I am looking for
desperately needs                                                        in this world
                    that it                                                     too full of
        the money on it                                               too much
                    of spending                                    to need
                                                 and wary





circular poem wormhole: seeing
Horsham & looking & walking wormhole: a few reflections on / keeping your cow / in a large meadow / while walking round / the streets of Horsham
money wormhole: listen willya
shops wormhole: 1972
society & Have wormholes: have got // can do