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                                          long sleep

            I played with awareness going to sleep
                                                              in sleep
                           a new endeavour
                           new fields to play
                       in new fields to play in everywhere
                       in the very plainness of my life
                       in the very and every ordinariness
                                          of my compromised-‘round
            which I can greet now
                           with lapis highlight
                           with olive horizontal with lemon uprights


                           met Elizabeth after twenty years
                           hugged her held her face for long seconds
                                          in eye contact … blink
            taken through windy landscapes new architecture
                           flagged stilted overhanging built-in built over
                           experience of everything
                                          packed into one unit
            a lift that choraled ascent to heaven
                           then return to basso profundo
                           and walks under
                                          roads and rail lines and
                           brick raised artful in dustrial legacy
                                          the grip sufficient to turn the world
            passing slowly by acute-angle edges of new-office build
                           high redbrick sides of factory crumbled down
                                          from the top and day-speckled
                                                              with no insides


                           at all the people crossing
            and talking to themselves or their phones
                           to those who misstep and those called to help
                           to those who play with sex like a possession
            and those who practise dance steps by the kerbside concrete balls
                           to those who wear beauty like a halo
            and those who nose-spit on the ground
                                          like a right
                           to those who wear their years like a jawline
            and those who talk to the
                                          corners they sit in
                                          to those who
                           smile upwards with trademarked timelines
                           and all those who do not walk the streets today
                                          there is nothing
            nothing to gain no ideal to realise in all there is to Have
                           but the acceptance of what we all feign
                           to complete ourselves oblivious
                                          to our true nature

                           olive-green and mauve
                           with orange-strip sandwich filling
                           and lemon highlight décor
                           over darkest deep blue wall





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