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                                              portrait …

                                quite a study, this
                                let’s start with the elbow
                                on the empty chair back beside her
                                fingertips cradling her hairline
                                thumb nudge cheek forward
                                lids down – visor down –
                                bulbous over those hungry eyes … twitching,
                                (no, slow down), over the
                                anguline bridge and whufff
                                off the slightly pudgy nose leaving
                                draped cheek and pelmet jowl
                                parted pert by the ‘don’t know what
                                you think you’re looking at’ mouth above
                                the neck-ward stanchions pilloried
                                down between the orange-blue check collars …

                                              … reading





blue & eyes & orange wormholes: Birmingham / 030413
C wormhole: possible
coffee wormhole: an event
hair wormhole: Leicester
mouth wormhole: man of tomorrow
reading wormhole: accumulation of wisdom