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                        slowly learning
            like a dolt with too much muscle
                        that the practice of
                                  is done so g e n t l y
                      like the wriggling that goes on when
                                  sitting on the cushion
                                              to find the
                                    left right forward back spin sleep breath watcher
                                                            of detachment that
                                                becomes so close to everything it is
                                                                        almost nuclear





being & settling wormhole: the pocket
breathing wormhole: nightmare
learning wormhole: the ghost with open wound
letting go wormhole: the discovery of / leaving no trace
sitting wormhole: anatta
stillness wormhole: the bench / on the fourth sister from / Birling Gap before the / wind-brushed scrub and gorse / and the grey-blue sky / smoothed through the / fishtank-blue horizon to / grey-green sea