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                                                the sea plant
                flourishes in water each move and turn
                                held         almost anticipated
                                                m a n i f  e  s  t   e    d
                                                by the curling fronds
                                leaning and doubting
                                                              like a community

                                                it might want
                all the long while to sit on the surface and
                                flower to the sun
                                                to bathe at last in the light
                                                little realising the completeness of each reach
                                like a beautiful dancer
                                                finishing each move with her





being & settling & sitting & sun wormhole: morning / cloud pass
dancing wormhole: dream 100213
living wormhole: iffyakan / getawaywi`it / you can `ave it
sea wormhole: the bench / on the fourth sister from / Birling Gap before the / wind-brushed scrub and gorse / and the grey-blue sky / smoothed through the / fishtank-blue horizon to / grey-green sea
striving wormhole: covert being