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                                            Peeks at Castleton

                      I should be taking the rise and distance of the gorge
                                                                          head up

                      looking through the bottom of vari-focals the ridge is blurred
                                                               then looking down

                      at the cars making slow work through the bus-size gaps
                                                      while a

                      huge bowl of cloud runs a town of shadow over the whole valley

                      I’d lose my footing if I didn’t keep my mind on the stone path
                                 and dodder





awareness & clouds wormholes: morning / cloud pass
balance wormhole: when anythinging
cars wormhole: Eglinton Hill
Castleton wormhole: strangers
looking wormhole: train journey
path wormhole: the path / no echo
shadow wormhole: relief
valley wormhole: when I sit I am the posture
walking wormhole: promenade: / dual layering