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tendency to be inactive

                born of ‘can’t see the point’
                                              born of ‘can’t see the point’ for me
                                because nothing makes any sense of me
                                                                                 nothing references me
                                              nothing mirrors me because
                                I am unengaged
                                because I tend to see the


                                              of anything before I see anything else
and so I am mirrored back
                                recognised as nothing because
                I don’t do anything which reinforces that anything is purposeful
                                              I can’t see the point

                                              my saviours: those
                                who oblige me to act
                                                                                 despite the point
                but I still can’t see the point
                                              even when obligingly active
                                even for some should-aim born
                                              of a need to get some
instant mirroring some instant recognition
                                                              get some ground under my feet
                                but I still don’t get the point
I still don’t get any point
                                              because my ground is
                                ‘can’t see the point’

                                                                                              p                        o                   
i                             n                                                   t                            l
                          e                                 s   s                                          n
                                                         e                   s
                                                                                                  s               all around

I could dwell in it
                                              it is the stuff that makes poetry
                it is the realisation that releases
                                from so much    s   o   l   i   d   i   f   i   c   a   t   i   o   n
                                         so much  r  e  s  t  r  i  c  t  i  o  n

                                              and yet I could still act for others
                with attention
                                                              bedded in awareness of pointlessness
                                              but moved for the benefit of others
                note ‘the benefit of others’
                                                              spontaneous responsive warm
                not ‘the benefit of others’
                                so that I can be recognised as saviour
                                                                                 and get ground under my feet





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