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                                for minute after minute
                                an alarm rilling through
                                the open windows
                                of a hot afternoon
                                and all the while
                                the cracking picking
                                twicking of a squirrel
                                working out on a branch
                                somewhere          but then

                                                                                    more importantly

                                              a pigeon –
                                `hadn’t noticed –
                                                              on a bare branch looking
                                              another way

                not calling





attention wormhole: ‘no …’
branches wormhole: Science lesson
combe end wormhole: in the kitchen
openness wormhole: open / window
pigeons wormhole: first dog / in the park
sound wormhole: anatta
squirrel wormhole: almost-Escher
sun & trees wormhole: heavy shower …
time wormhole: eighth birthday // now
windows wormhole: morning / cloud pass