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                                                              the shadow
                                              windowed and blinded
                                across the conservatory
                crockery in the breeze being cleared from
                                someone’s garden table and
                the plastic clack of a wheelie bin – tomorrow I think

                I notice underneath the ironing board leant against the wall
                                                              a lime cover under a pink
                                              flowered cover under a
                                yellow-duned cover and

                                where the lilac silk
                                              emulsion has caught the reflection
                                                              of the deep blue carpet
                                              it looked





blue wormhole: morning / cloud pass
breeze wormhole: anatta
carpet wormhole: there
combe end & sound & sun & windows wormhole: more importantly
conservatory wormhole: thawing
garden wormhole: heavy shower …
lilac wormhole: William Carlos Williams
lime wormhole: your gold teeth
pink wormhole: two fat ladies / chk klak klip // all the while
shadow wormhole: Peeks at Castleton
walls wormhole: anatta
yellow wormhole: train // line