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            rather cultivate
                                                      – practise –
tracking the flows and eddies of outer events and inner thoughts
                                – the same things really –
                                          with wide and open naïveté
                                                              with discipline
                                                      strategy       deftness       design
            not succumbing to structure
                                          target       development       ends
                                                      nor to fame
                                                              recognition       acknowledgement
                                but rather with

                                          inexorable       naïveté





being wormhole: is Koestler important // ?
doing wormhole: p                        o                   i                             n                                                   t                            l                          e                                 s   s                                          n                                                         e                   s                                                                                                  s               all around
living wormhole: evasion
naïveté wormhole: guileless naïveté – / a biographical / manifest -oh!
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