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                                                                      a bit painful this

                     I do hang on to this impasse with school
                     I have become this impasse with school
                     it pre-occupies me
                     and yes it is true that their angularity and down-heaval
                     have prolonged and un-necessaried me but – sighs –
                                   it didn’t happen
                                   and it won’t happen
                                   the way I think it should
                                   and could – shrugs – well then
                     let’s continue on let’s lighten up
                     let’s joke around with pupils
                                   enough to craft them to grow
                     let’s wing and pitch ideas to teachers
                                   without Responsibility

                     that is where my magic is
                                   not in leading
                     but in leaking
                     in infiltrating contaminating dyeing
                     in dancing and skipping (and sometimes even waltzing)

                     in playing at my work not head-aching it
                     in reading the road not Highway Coding it
                     in writing it not plotting it
                     in sitting with a reassuring Mona Lisa smile not grimming it
                     in playing at teaching not outstanding it





acceptance wormhole: p                        o                   i                             n                                                   t                            l                          e                                 s   s                                          n                                                         e                   s                                                                                                  s               all around
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