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            Have browses while walking past
            Have pushes the fully-equipped buggy
                      before her talks with her friend
            Have listens to his friend by
                      Taking A Drink of Coke
            Have pulls the Boyfriend’s arm
                      up over her head and smiles
                      with it on her shoulder
            Have slightly touches her tongue to the sweet sore of her top lip
                      then slightly scoops her head like a giraffe forward quickly





compassion wormhole: thy will be done
girl wormhole: dream / 140603
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listening wormhole: someone’s back
passing wormhole: travelling
smile wormhole: poets do neither report nor / walk around enrapt in transport but / ’tis when in writing their worlds are wrought
streets wormhole: Birmingham / 030413
talking wormhole: anxiety
Tunbridge Wells wormhole: twisted / pulled / and chipped
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