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film: Blow Up (1966); directed: Antonioni; actors: David Hemmings




                  it was the breeze wot did
                  it it was there all the time
                  rustling through the trees
                  day and night it didn’t
                  try to go away and hide
                  it was there all the time
                  changing and turning
                  trying and enveloping
                  look as you might you
                  couldn’t see it but it was
                  there and it just changes
                  things in the park





20th century wormhole: bombs on / Catford
breeze wormhole: as
change wormhole: ‘once upon a quarter century …’
life wormhole: is Koestler important // ?
park wormhole: first dog / in the park
time wormhole: I will
trees wormhole: 1977