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                                                      the pleasant land
                                          of counterpane

                           from the oblivion of sleep
                           to the anxiety of school
                           tormented by the monster
                                     I never see

                           getoutofit sit up drink
                           the coffee brought to you
                           focus on the weave and
                           bobble on your knees
                           the crease off the plateau
                           both the light ridge and
                           the receding worry
                                     of vale

                                     the window is
                           the birds have been
                           building networks for
                           hours the wind shifts
                           along the whole flank
                           of the firry tree …





acceptance & living wormholes: sitting
anxiety wormhole: anxiety
bedroom wormhole: rear attic / bedroom
birds wormhole: ‘once upon a quarter century …’
coffee wormhole: after a medium / Americano
fir wormhole: morning
morning wormhole: poetry
open wormhole: two writing haikwo
settling wormhole: wriving
sleep wormhole: Moebius strip
trees wormhole: it was the breeze wot did it
wind wormhole: promenade: / dual layering
windows wormhole: how / … // ?