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                                     staying alive

                           and yet I am still
                           saturated with the
                           pain and confusion
                           cannot breathe freely …

                                                      b    r   e  a the
                                     breathe freely
                           all of this is not the self
                           every time
                           all the time
                           that the pain and anger come up
                           breathe –
                           this is not the self –

                           even if my whole life and identity
                           are pain and injustice
                           I shall just have to remain breathing
                           for the rest of my life





breathing wormhole: the / pyrrhic / play
identity wormhole: I offered you ignored
life wormhole: it was the breeze wot did it
living wormhole: the pleasant land / of counterpane
talking to myself wormhole: only