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                           everything is pointless
                                I can see
                           the pointlessness in everything

                                I don’t chose to
                           it just seeps through everything
                           makes a fool of me
                                just when I was getting a foothold

                           there is never anything
                                I can feel good about
                           there is nothing by which
                                I can define myself
                           nothing I can’t see through nothing that won’t
                                show me up

                           this is my reality: no intrinsic reality
                                to play to, to play in;
                           this is my reality

                           this is me; I should exploit it fully
                                by not hoping that here
                           is where I can find myself

                                the point is
                           that there is no point
                                to HAVE

                                the struggle
                           is in worrying that the point
                                cannot be found

                                the salvation is
                           in the relaxing with there being
                                no point

                           really and truly there is nothing to do
                                but to sit
                           still in the reality of there being
                                no point





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