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                                   thar she perched
                                   on the dry stone-capped
                                   stone wall one morning
                                   misty swirled the trees
                                   on the flat-meadow horizon

                                   right leg folded down
                                   slipper-pointing to the earth and
                                   sharp-ankle contrast with the stone
                                   the left leg folded up over anchored
                                   over her right knee padding-pushing
                                   a loose stone? Tara ready
                                   to step from her lotus with
                                   pretty waist and pulled back
                                   sleeves – wait wait

                                   she pulls the sheet from the
                                   neat clack typewriter perched
                                   nestled against shin bone
                                   in her lap – whawassat? – sheet
                                   stays wrapped around the platen
                                   shoulders bandana’d hair
                                   pointy nose pointy breasts all
                                   read attention into the words

                                   and while a telegraph pole
                                   leans slightly from the weight
                                   of its messages a light
                                   flashes up from the trees





attention wormhole: alien / and awkward
being wormhole: let
creativity wormhole: waiting
earth & Sylvia Plath wormhole: preoccupied
horizon wormhole: the bench / on the fourth sister from / Birling Gap before the / wind-brushed scrub and gorse / and the grey-blue sky / smoothed through the / fishtank-blue horizon to / grey-green sea
light wormhole: 1971
morning wormhole: the pleasant land / of counterpane
muse wormhole: out!
stone wormhole: school uniform
thinking wormhole: stop
trees wormhole: new garden
words wormhole: reading // unstirred
writing wormhole: both