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on the 25th August 1981 two young, gawky people, who were very much youngly in love, gawkily got married in Leicester Registry Office after having met and romanced together only during the three months previously; roll of eyes and awkward were the elders and war-survivors, but we knew we were different, even if we didn’t really know how, and we did it all differently, although we didn’t really know what we were doing; naïveté has kept us together even when we were sure we knew what we were doing; coming up to 32 years together, we are not sure how it happened; but it has, and it continues to find ever-new waves

in the three months up to our marriage we listened to the few tapes we had to play on the tape machine we owned: UB40’s ‘Signing Off’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Desire’; to celebrate our life together I shall publish a series of poems about us, tracking our love and environment growing up in Leicester with each track of ‘Signing Off’ – something I’d like to share with the world, if I might not be too naïve – (‘Desire’ will have to wait another year),