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                                              my busy girl
lays on the settee in the conservatory feet up
                on the arm

                                              the plastic roof
cracks as it expands from the sunlight columns from
                through the clouds

                                              the occasional wind
blows the bamboo silently outside but the clouds don’t move
                like a cathedral

                                              a fly
intermittently worries around looking for a way through
                the solid space

                                              another crack
but nothing disturbs her breath in mouth open
                out for

                                              she is tired
from the lists erasing and replenishing scribbled on the
                kitchen cupboard door

                                              tired from
a menopause that delivers her fortnight-long periods
                loosing blood

                                              tired from
a dream career where you cannot pick up objects no matter
                how hard you try

                                              arms folded
across her tummy feet and legs crossed tanned
                with perky toes

the window the sun falls like a dust of snow over
                the landscape

                                              let her sleep
anointed beautiful across her face her chest and
                her shin





being & doing wormhole: you fail
C wormhole: portrait … // … reading
career wormhole: you don’t talk to me
cathedral wormhole: flat
clouds wormhole: promenade
conservatory wormhole: as
dream wormhole: red / red / air
faces wormhole: August / Adventure
feet wormhole: poetry
kitchen wormhole: 1977
love wormhole: covert being
mouth wormhole: just
muse wormhole: thar she perched
roof & snow wormhole: from the / bedroom / window
Saturday wormhole: relief
silence wormhole: at the apex
sleep wormhole: the pleasant land / of counterpane
sound wormhole: greeyn
space wormhole: patronage
sun & wind wormhole: the sun / in a clean / industrial / sky
windows wormhole: from the / bedroom / window