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                                I didn’t notice the metal in the
                                              pine green
                                the individual ice-cream pink of dusty mauve heather
                                              spread out between
                                the Tigris & Euphrates grasses wafting around
                                              the borders
                                or the boroughs of cloud hung on the horizon –
                                              silent invaders –

                                until I caught sight of her rose-pink t-shirt
                                              in the corner of my eye
                                her tanned arms weighing the alternate values
                                              of each stride
                                deep under the wraggle of architecture
                                              of her grey hair





Ashdown Forest & grass & pine wormhole: blue and green / a l l s  o  r  t  s
C wormhole: 32 years
clouds wormhole: swifts test the chasm of sky
green wormhole: ‘hand / in hand …’
hair wormhole: Boy
mauve wormhole: the strange mauve relief of / this burgundy-gritty encounter
walking wormhole: we still stroll there