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                             all the while
                      the flagpole rope
                                   occasionally flaps
                             the breeze

                      the five year old walks
                      along behind his grandad

                      then he is on the grass
                      between the stones with
                      careful paunchy steps
                      turnsquick glasses that
                      already look middle-aged
                      to see if the grandad has
                      noticed already gone round
                      the front of the church he
                      turns back behind the stones

                      I return to my book –
                      running ‘placs’ of blue crocs
                      down the tarmac path





blue wormhole: (Little by Little)
Castleton & reading wormhole: swifts test the chasm of sky
church wormhole: demolition
glasses wormhole: new garden
grass wormhole: wraggle of architecture
green wormhole: 1965
passing wormhole: waiting
path wormhole: Peeks at Castleton
sound wormhole: Saturday
stone wormhole: thar she perched