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                                              Michael Redford:

                                the pub had wall-wide sideboards
                and deep sills with iron scales and metal pots and long rusted hinges
                                that used to hold it all together all
                                wondrous to a child’s eye when navigating
                                              the ways of adults

                                but there was someone missing
                                making all the paragraphs and passages rhyme
                                and follow-on to craft mysterious a generation
                of wood-grain and burnish-glow and printed-hang and floorboard-creak
                                which I wouldn’t wholly breathe together
                                for many a decade yet

                                              at the piano which
                                              wasn’t there anymore




* my late uncle who spent times in his life popping across the road to the Nag’s Head and sat at the piano with a held-smile, as if the cigar shaking and smoking in the ashtray on the keyboard ledge were still in his mouth, played


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