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                      ‘but, Mark, what do you want …?’

            well let’s see now what have I got, oh –
decades of experience and experimentation and care –

to be consulted-involved-included in the Great and Noble task at hand but don’t give me your shiny responsibility, there is no value in ambush-eyed pursuit of target-endeavour, I’m tired of watching the triangle fall from its point again and again and I’m tired of being measured wanting every time it won’t let me be a part of the dialectic, even though it holds me responsible for the outcomes
            every time

I either play the Manipulate-the-Outcomes Game
            and be ‘successful’
or I can offer my work and thought out of value
            and be ignored
but I cannot play this Game with value although
I must submit my worth to the judgement of its consequence:

so I am left helpless to teach with value versus teaching with outcomes
and the ‘value’ isn’t manifesto-led marching-and-drum
but simply the human practice and craft of communicating and moving pupils

            that’s all

the very value that managerialism marginalises as being detrimental to [outcome -led]

outcome-led requires value-practiced to be either/or rather than
I don’t want either/or so don’t ask me
            what I want

            let me be
            what I practise





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