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                early morning
                fidgety leg
                can’t sleep
                come into study
                gentle exercise
                open window in

a little under a year I have completed a whole notebook
I have been teased by authority and survived my third breakdown
I have faced my lack of faith in the system and my compulsion to play to it
I have gone part time I have started a blog I am mushrooming with ideas I am sitting more
                                                        I am writing

                wind blowing
                I am the
                luckiest man alive



                … let’s go to back to bed





being & writing wormhole: it is knowing what to drop once / everything has been collected together / that makes everything fit
breakdown & groundlessness & morning wormhole: the early morning of the sixties
career & identity & living wormhole: my job
open & wind wormhole: clouds
sitting wormhole: swifts test the chasm of sky
sleep wormhole: Saturday
teaching wormhole: ‘but, Mark, what do you want …?’
windows wormhole: chores to do – diptych