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                                the train window
                                looking in the night

                                mother daughter
                                mother frowning
                                double chin
                                daughter mid gum
                                chew stares through the
                                dark reflection and agrees
                                hair sweep back

                                husband wife
                                wife turned to
                                husband explaining
                                long monologue
                                holds her gaze even
                                when his next-phrase is coming
                                gazes up when the
                                climax arrives and laughs

                                man talks with a stranger
                                about the football
                                then reads his phone

                                “we are now approaching …





daughter wormhole: dyuhwanner textum
eyes wormhole: swifts test the chasm of sky
hair wormhole: wraggle of architecture
mother & train & Uckfield-London line wormhole: mother and child
night wormhole: chores to do – diptych
talking wormhole: clouds
travelling wormhole: London
voices wormhole: poets do neither report nor / walk around enrapt in transport but / ’tis when in writing their worlds are wrought
windows wormhole: I am the / luckiest man alive