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                when I try to sit for thirty minutes
lazy in posture lost in attention
                                I feel good nevertheless
because usually once
                at least once
                                probably all the time if I could out my att-
                I’ll find a nugget of pure awake
amidst all the silent posture and focus
                                and labyrinth of small rooms
                                              back and back in the endless book shop

                and later when I stand at the window
                and watch the snow under the lamp post
drive a sheet across everything in the street
                                I realise what a stranger I have been
                                to myself

                I have sat at my book
                                I have stood at the window
                many times in my life
                                I have felt an adrenalin at my core
when I have found what I must be
                                              the relief the plans the vindication …
                this pointlessness            this nothingness of landscape
                                              this enemy
                is put at bay
                                is put in abeyance

                                but ‘what I should be’
                there is the stranger
                                              my pointlessness is my closest friend
                I have been getting it all wrong
I should not ‘be’ anything

                                I should embrace the sheet the fold
                the stop and suspend awhile
                the stick and settle of each moment
as it covers the whole street
                                              no claim
                                but the whole gain





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