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                           there I was
                           naked except
                           for my pants
                           in the room

                           had to make it
                           round the room
                           I figured to go
                           right round
                           the room
                           do it properly

                           started off fine
                           became more
                           and more difficult
                           pants caught
                           on something
                           maybe the door

                           but I pushed on
                           turned the
                           support post at
                           far end of the room
                           pants were getting
                           tighter and tighter

                           but I can push on
                           stretched thinner
                           and thinner
                           but I am strong
                           going to cut

                           and then
                           I suddenly realised
                           how ridiculous
                           the room
                           the journey
                           my nakedness
                           my pants –

                           my pants
                           slice off
                           my legs –

                           I stopped
                           and woke up





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