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                is loosening the spell
                I have been weaving
                all the time

                for so long

                so I need to spend
                a long time
                to pick at the weave
                a loop – no
                           tightening here –
                this clump then
                           as a whole
                folded through
                then bring the other
                           loop through
                           start again
                the clump where’s that
                loop gone where’s that
                strand I’d already untangled
                I quite like this clump
                no I don’t …
                           a long long

                I can’t just drop it all
                I can’t just dispel it
                           … just like that

                           … ah I hadn’t

                I hadn’t realised I need
                           to live with the dispelling
                           to live with the disentangling
                                     to smile on it
                                     to live in it
                           to make friends with the awkward bastard
                time after time after time





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