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                      frowned the face and cowl
                      of the Dynamic Duo as people
                      made for home around them
                      and the grim realisations of buildings
                      rose behind them under the
                      dirt-office evening sky

                      in the dark of the Bat Cave
                      the determination whitened
                      the walls in the shape of a
                      Bat Shadow but it wasn’t until
                      four the following evening
                      that the shadows on the walls

                      their point of realisation





Batman wormhole: Infantino world
buildings wormhole: clouds
city wormhole: Batman 168
evening wormhole: (Little by Little)
faces wormhole: 32 years
realisation & time wormhole: to live with
Robin wormhole: LET’S GO!
shadow wormhole: 1965
sky wormhole: only
white wormhole: 1968