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                I was a child vague in society
                                only noticed the pretty wrappings of society
                as a teenager I was made awkward by society
                                didn’t understand how to make the play

                later I glimpsed how the play was made
                                saw it inauthentic and facile
                as a student I studied my way alternative to society
                                found that there was love wisdom creativity

                as a parent I got all grown up with myself
                                had to make practical use of my studies
                and I became a teacher to bring up my children
                                play My Part in the society I despaired of
                                                   practical and ends-focussed

                made the mistake to ‘make my mark’ in society
                                                   to influence the means
                                                   to seek engagement
                                                   to find recognition
                                                   and found myself
                                ignored and unnoticed

                Twenty Five Years

                now I must return to myself
                                ‘these things that you and I suppressed’*
                                carry the wounds of ignorance
                                                   as a lesson to myself
                                whether I continue to work or not
                                                   as a lesson to me

* Joni Mitchell, Hejira, Hejira, 1976





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