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                           I try to write – no one notices
                           I try to heal education – no one listens
                                   so many times
                           I must embrace the space
                           left by my attempts to be
                                   and just be

                           more and more I find
                           the only thing I can naturally do well
                           the only thing I can naturally do
                                   is just sit

                           with no ambition or great plan
                           aware of the ambition and great plans
                           but letting them go
                           a thousand times

                                   “don’t move
                           just die over and over
                                   don’t anticipate
                           nothing can save you now because
                                   this is your last moment
                           not even enlightenment
                                   will help you now
                           because you have
                                   no other moments
                           with no future be true to yourself
                                   and don’t move”

                           all of the endeavour of a lifetime
                                   let it all go
                           all of the creation of a lifetime
                                   let it all go
                           even the wise words I say to myself
                           the lessons I collate from others
                                   let them all go

                                   let them all go
                           because they will not gain ground
                                   no one will notice
                                   no one will listen
                           and because they are let-go-able
                                   they must
                                   be let go

                           don’t move
                                   in whatever posture I put myself in
                           just die over and over
                                   from the phantoms and the spectres
                                   of a hundred plans and dramas

                           be true to yourself
                                   in the posture I have put myself in
                           and don’t move


Not Always So – “Shunryu Suzuki Roshi”





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