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                     got locked up into a tightness
                     into an elastic-bandedness
                     into a preoccupation wrapped around
                     they-don’t-listen-to-me                     again

                     which makes all activity
                     even things I like doing
                          compromised …

                     didn’t sleep well last night
                     but remained slightly loose during the day
                     (and more effective into the bargain)

                           … and here it comes
                           the reliable colleague
                           right on cue and
                           slightly inevitable now

                     the really important thing to be doing
                           is to sit sit sit
                           before anything else
                           while anything else
                           not writing first
                           not publishing first and definitely
                           not just when sitting





being & doing & sitting wormhole: the / Woolworth / Building
compromise wormhole: the way
depression wormhole: but there …
letting go wormhole: don’t move
living wormhole: to live with
practice & writing wormhole: exercise
sleep wormhole: lost
zazen wormhole: NOW!!!