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                      you are so beautiful
                  your hennaed hair braided
                      neatly tied back
                  because you are in uniform
                      you are in uniform
                                taking a break
                  ID and equipment around your neck
                                your clear dark skin
                                your grey shirt and tie
                      your charcoal grey jumper and St. John’s badge
                      eating a bag of crisps
          but always –
                      your eyebrows so sharp
                                              your eyes so white –
                                always looking
                      rarely talking
                                              always looking





beauty wormhole: in between
eyes & hair wormhole: con / firm
faces wormhole: point of realisation
grey wormhole: how hard / to meditate
identity wormhole: a maturation
looking wormhole: to be or to / Have been // that is the / question
red wormhole: clouds