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Provision of creative, purposeful, stimulating and organized homework would be something beautiful to see happening.   Nurturing gifted and high ability pupils so that they reach as far beyond and as far wide of the curriculum as their minds will allow is a dream which quickens every teacher’s wistful daydream.   Assessment for Learning which is clear and ‘right’-enough to communicate so that both teachers and pupils can drive would have them sitting, revving the engine.   Cohesive, resourced and creative planning of courses at each key stage should make an education structure which is as alive as the pupils who move through it.   Even a National Curriculum of equality, opportunity and an experience of clear development should give all children the ‘best years of their life’.

But none of this does, or ever will, happen simply because it is being put into place without any proper investment of time.   Not extra time, not paid time, but structural time which sees a reduction of a full teaching timetable to allow the value-added elements of homework, differentiation, assessment and planning to grow holistically rather than modified genetically.   Without structurally-integrated time all of this education development is grafted on to teaching, it feeds on the basic organism, it grows bigger and bigger, but doesn’t become part of it.   It becomes more and more difficult to move about – a jellied mass growing off our back which lurches the other way every time we want to make a turn.

In years to come we will wake up to find that we are a giant insect…


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