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                                                                                    1996 dream


wandering through Eglinton Hill
finding rooms going down into
                the ‘breakfast room’
                                – the morning room –
which was bigger and bay-windowed

                looking through the windows
there was an abandoned psychiatric hospital next door
                                run down
                a huge monolithic building
                                thousands of bricks
                                windows fallen out
                grass growing in and on the building
off the end of the building a series of huge arches
                like viaducts now collapsing
                a last arch had collapsed and only extended for half its reach
                                but right at its end stood a huge construction crane
                rising high up into the sky
                                reaching further out with its arm
                                perched on the end of the arch
                it should crumble
                and fall
but it doesn’t





buildings & crane wormhole: cranes
dream & Eglinton Hill wormhole: dream return / to Eglinton Hill
morning wormhole: stranger / if we met
searching wormhole: my current vague and pain
sky wormhole: how hard / to meditate
viaduct wormhole: from my childhood
windows wormhole: early bed tonight