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* ‘Geshe-la’ affectionate honorific reference to Geshe Kelsang Gyatso who is the spiritual director of the New Kadampa Tradition.   I lived at Conishead Priory for a while while the NKT grew, but moved away when I started my career …





                walking with Geshe-la*
                in the grounds of a building
                cultivated and settled for many years now

                in other dreams I’d found this land with
                whole communities of buildings
                                huge cylindrical antenna
                                wiry-type constructions                military

                feeling awkward the walk came to an end
                                Geshe-la talked relaxed
                                following something we had discussed
                I could relax
                                more of a sense of sharing with him

                he talked of how he used to go running when he was younger
                                I remarked that this would account for his slight build
                                I felt grateful





buildings & dream wormhole: 1996 dream
Geshe Kelsang wormhole: wakey wakey / time to get up
talking wormhole: left and right of the chin held / slightly back / corners of the mauff held / slightly down
walking wormhole: exercise