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                I am here with a party of people
                                feel of a party gathering
                                feel of a family gathering

                I am sitting in one of the upstairs rooms
                                noticing how it has changed
                                noticing how it is the same
                                this symbol of mine that I live in

                                later I am with my Dad
                and my own family are in the house too all living together
                                I have been to work
                                I have walked back home and into the house
                                through the back kitchen door
                Dad says that he had tried to contact the school to arrange a lift
                                but couldn’t and he apologised

                                I had walked home
                I was very relaxed and contented
                                I had walked home after work

                I spent time exploring the house
                                recognising a walk-in cupboard I hadn’t noticed before
                                and other changes that Dad had made to the house
                                has he been looking after my life for all these years?

                during dinner I remarked
                that the house didn’t seem to be where it was
                Dad said that they’d moved it here because they liked it
                                and it suited them

                Eglinton Hill was no longer in Eglinton Hill:

dark green twilight Kent quite near semi 101 Dalmatians fleeing to Suffolk glasses on the mantelpiece smokey tall people pink walls talking glassey mirror large sitting room glimpsed through other front windows of houses in Eglington Hill late evening dark green wallpaper tired light feelings

                nothing is the same
                                when grown up





Dad & dream & Eglinton Hill wormhole: dream / 121097
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