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                      I am about to buy a house
                           in a town which is
                           not Tunbridge Wells
                      it has been a semi-shop in a row like the Pantiles
                           for many years
                      I have not seen the upstairs yet
                           I have that still to explore
                      it is dilapidated
                           but I will restore it
                      I discuss with C
                           the kids are around
                           my Nan is about too
                      in a street nearby I can buy
                           second hand books
                      I am about to buy a house





books wormhole: getting rid / of old books
bookshop wormhole: snow
C wormhole: wraggle of architecture
dream wormhole: dream / 301197 // home
house wormhole: at the apex
Nan wormhole: new garden
streets wormhole: exercise
Tunbridge Wells wormhole: street